Tailor your carbohydrate products

Carbohydrates are increasingly important food ingredients, serving many purposes such as texturizing and energy release. Whether you are developing an easily metabolized carbohydrate or a soluble dietary fibre, the digestibility is a key feature.

Our scientifically established in-vitro screen mimics the human digestive system of the small intestinal tract, providing excellent insight into the fate of your carbohydrate after consumption.

Requiring a minimal amount of your product, or product blend, we reliably benchmark the rate of glucose release against competitor products. Our clients use the results for regulatory, patenting, or marketing purposes.

Moreover, CarbExplore offers unique enzyme solutions that enable designing carbohydrate functionality such as sugar release, solubility, digestibility and prebiotic activity.

Digestion of ExampleX

ExampleX (imaginary name, real product) is a commercially available and uniquely engineered homopolysaccharide  with a precisely manipulated molecular mass. It is a blend of complex corn, potato and rice starches. According to the manufacturer, “This molecular mass is what enables ExampleX to absorb through the digestive tract at a substantially faster rate than most other dietary or supplemental carbohydrates on the market. Even at this hyper-fast rate of absorption, ExampleX is completely sugar free yet still provides the sustained energy of complex carbohydrates.”

CarbExplore Research benchmarked ExampleX against commercial products of maltodextrin and amylose. As can be seen in the figure, ExampleX – being a complex carbohydrate – indeed breaks down fast: comparable to simple polysaccharides.


 You deliver:

25 mg of carbohydrates (Dried, desalted, free of detergent)

We perform:

✔ In vitro screen for glucose release

✔ Quantitative analysis of product formation through HPAEC-PAD

You obtain:

✔ Report