CarbExplore’s team has a significant track record of both scientific and technical expertise. The group is particularly skilled in the development and characterization of enzymatically modified starches and carbohydrates which play a significant role in prebiotics and functional foods. The team offers its expertise as an independent and reliable contract research partner, supporting our customer’s product development programs.

Meet our team

Semme Moolenaar, MSc CEO
Prof. Dr Lubbert Dijkhuizen, CSO
Dr. Marcel van der Sluis, CBO
Dr. Evelien te Poele, Project Manager Enzymes
Dr. Joana Gangoiti Muñecas, Project Manager Starches
Dr. Chrysovalantou Chatziioannou, Project Manager GOS/HMO
Dr. Willem Pieter Dijkman, Project Manager oligosaccharides
Stevan van der Hoek, Ing, technician GOS development
Luc van Schie, MSc, business development manager
Mandy van der Toorn, BSc, Research assistant

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