The N-terminally truncated GtfB enzyme of Lactobacillus reuteri NCC 2613 converts amylose in a low molecular mass  (0,007 mDA) reuteran-like polymer. The glucan contains 75 % linear α(1→4) alternated with 25 % α(1→6) glucosidic linkages, and α(1→4,6) branching points. Based on digestibility studies it seems likely that this glucan structure is not or slow digested by the human digestible tract enzymes, so it has a high potential for the food industry.

There are a lot of differences between the products formed by the 4,6 glucanotransferase GtfB subfamily. GtfB strain 121 formes a long linear consecutive polymer with α(1→6) linkages (IMMP), whether the glucan of strain NCC 2613 is branched and has a low molecular weight.

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