Goat milk ingredients with health benefits

Milk oligosaccharides are known to be very beneficial for infants. Earlier studies have shown that the amount and diversity of beneficial oligosaccharides in cow milk is much lower. Neutraceutical applications based on cow milk nevertheless are currently on the market as a substitution for human milk. The composition of mono- and oligosaccharides in goat milk has not been determined nor characterized yet. This gap hinders the development of neutraceutical goat milk products as a better alternative for cow milk neutraceutical products.

A large collection of different goat milk samples will be screened and analysed with cutting-edge tools to identify and compare the mono- and oligosaccharide diversity and levels in these samples. By further evaluation of the functional prebiotic and anti-infectious properties we will learn which goat milk samples can be further developed for healthy goat milk neutraceutical products and thus are the most beneficial for newborns.

This project is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO).