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CarbExplore Research has developed a library of glucansucrases, starch modifying 4,6-alpha-glucanotransferases, and trans-sialidase enzymes for the development of prebiotic glucans, galactooligosacharides (GOS), and functional human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). The glucosylation enzymes give access to a variety of alpha(1-3), alpha(1-4), and alpha(1-6) glucose modified carbohydrates for functional food and nutraceutical applications. The technologies give access to the following types of products:

  • Reuteran alpha(1-4)/(1-6)
  • Dextran alpha(1-6)
  • Mutan alpha(1-3)
  • Alternan alpha(1-3)/(1-6)
  • Isomalto/Malto-polysaccharides (IMMP)
  • Starch based soluble dietary fiber